Audience, according to Seth Godin

1989. First Internet company.

Opposed to spam. How can email be a succesful tool.

Relevant information.

30% response rate.

1% open rate

0% nothing response.

People have evolved towards spam.

Try to make a number go up.

Open rate for akimbo list. 40% of people who recieve email open.

If you want to tell a story: find an audience.

Smallest viable audience.

Help the right people for the right reason.

Everything gets easy.

Person who’s busy talking, and people who don’t want to hear you.

Humility: this isn’t for you, it’s for people like this, cause we are going over there.

Bootstrapping workshop.

Project for accountants:

Group and podcast.

Bill’s project:

Need: online support group.

They show two alumni examples.

The audience. Helping people find the guts to decide who they are serving.

The power to: «I’m sorry it’s not for you». You pick them. You better be there for them.

Leave comments on instagram, facebook, linkedin.

Selfdoubt and selfsabotage and make creation go.

Selfdoubt. Can’t get rid of it. Flow happens when you do the work. Selfsabotage is not permited. If you want to do the work do it. Go for it. Don’t use your doubt. Call the bluff of resistance. I’m going to go back to be an insurance actuary. Flow will follow. Not the other way around.

Seth is calling it.

Bootstraping workshop. It’s a choice. Freelancer. You alone. It’s personal. VP. Morgage your house. Billions of dollars, to give back trillions. Built something with your customer money. Building systems that connect. Removes the disconnect with the people who give you money. You are there for your custumers. It is possible to make an impact in the world in any path.

Showing up and saying a story that is true that helps others to get to where they need to go.

Audience for a couple of years. How do you keep it fresh. Bob Dylan. Acustic. Electric gitar. He intentionally went back to the same cities. And came back to create a new audience. Greatefuldead did not outlive their audience. New music that rythm with the old music. My audience. People who would rather level up. People curious, genereour and want to get connected. I have to repeat. I don’t want to replace my self. Dylan or the Dead.

How do you convice your leader that you can serve the same to the same people. Managements and leaders are a different thing. Anyone can be a leader. Boss is possible that order you something that it doesn’t make you proud. Are we doing this for a reason? If I can show you how to make profits go up, can I try that? If it works your call, if not, my bad. If you are lucky enough to have a good gig. They want you to become a leader. Diferent to being a manager.

Freelancer. Bootstrapper. One person show. I am __ and I want new clients. Clients that want some new stuff. I am eager for everyone to get well. Go lookup crossfit. Blody blisters. Great marketing image. Suffering. If you go to crossfit your are part of the audience. They own it. Metallica concert. Don’t ask to get volume down. Own it. Whatever rules you want. You will be turning down people. I do this. If you want something else, here’s a like of a person who can help you.

Show up.

Really suportive community. Level up and be together.

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