Trump and the virus

He knows all about the virus. It has suprised most of the cientist he’s talk to. According to him. He’s not wearing a mask. He belives the virus is still just gona go away, as if by magic. He’s mind is magical. It’s a gift. He’s world is danger. Stand proud boys. Or by. Or bye. Or down. He’s not sure what you are talking about. Shut up, man.

The USA is in the peak of its world narrative to save of us all. Or at least, God bless América great. Or was it again? God forgot about everyone else. He just cares for América. Before the 1592 it was the other way around. HE never heard of América, nor HE cared on bit. It was a Donald Trumpy God. The kind of God who’d send a plague to sent his big man a lesson. So Donald is being transported to the sacred sphere as we speak, hit by his Father to bring back normality to the rest of the world. HE’s just chipping in to the campaign for Trumps nomination to the peace noble price.

They have evertything under control. HE is going to sacrifice another one of his favorite disciples. How does HE pick them? HE knows, and no one else. Misterious ways, you know. But Donald is in for a ride he’s still unsure how but he’s coming back greater than how he entered into the hospital. How? Through aborted feto’s magic. Who’d thouhgt?

Prolife back him up again. He is just playing along a greater plan for what life really stands for. Still, it’s just fake news they made up to bring him down. As if them cummuniss know anything about life, other than just killing it. Them virus is here because of the evil sins. God Father is sendint His message through our brother Jesus-like Donald T. Nobody has been persecuted than this noble businessman, and besides he’s introduced a new race to pray for, some Cleopatra shit going on, with that orange thing. The man, according to him, and his fellow worshipers, a genius of the insanity chastity brotherhood.

We were in for a ride and the leader of the world larges army has not let the world down. He’s been delivering his common sense abnormality in every speech, or twitt, he’s ever written. Politics changed for good. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s just fake news again. And we can tell the truth no more. Cause of them media liers. Shit is going down again. Like storming frogs. Or some evil shit like that. Brother Bannon is doing his time, but the system has been wired. Brother Zuckember has led people to believe he’s factchecking the veracity of this elections, and by no means willl Russian hackers do their thing all over again through the facebook-ads scheme. You know what I’m saying.

I loose it with this guy. He’s out there fooling fools to fool the game, and scoring. Sad. Unless the game flips. As it always ends up. The path of Bush father. Trump. Icarus.

PD. Notice something weird in the image of this post. The search for Trump’s covid leads to no suggested keywords. Huh. Suspicious. More on next post.

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