Presenting the PiPPi CoP basics

Why should I care?

Time is the key. We don’t have time. Things slip from our hands. And rushing is all over the place. Are we having a conversation? Do we have time to project beyond?

Horizons are way out there. We want to hold them with our hands. So we get closer. We set a course of action. We are following the theory of change: deconstructing from the desired outcome until we reach our destination.

But once we are there, the destination has moved way beyond. So we start another journey.

I designed this webinar to showcase the value of our community for a specific purpose: to present a more solid proposal to the call for PCP/PPI in April 21st. The topic: introducing resilience to health systems in the context of recovery.

Here’s the video. I hope you like it.

Be sure to sing up to the PiPPi CoP here

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