El tiempo pasa y uno presente: está; usted también, y su ser amad@; ALLS

Vean ustedes lo que hace un título efectista para llevarles a hacer click cuando les tire una mamada por aquí.

Y usted en su mano: movil.

Corte B.

Lo típico que dices un término disque muy acá del sector, y la cagas, por inepto, por sentirte con la iluminación de aquél que se deja llevar al límite de posible.

Al más allá.

Veamos hacia allá.


Ya aquí.

En este otro presente.

Yo ya lo hice.

Yo soy escritor.

Y los escritores de hoy solo queremos la última revolución.

Y asumirla.


Llevarala a la sublimación de nuestro tiempo-espacio.

Como si la unicidad de Mario Vargas Llosa en la boca Perez Reverte, que le entra, y ambos, vergas erectas, disfrutan, por primera vez.

Primera vez.

La historia GAY.

El movimiento hacia que todos los anos se penetren.

La irrupción por Detroit.

Ok. Salgamos. de aquí.

Kevin Pollock. 120 movies and under 9 minutes of creen time.

Joey, you are doing a . Your parents aren’t choosie of who touches your pipi. Dennis here. If you knew Bruce. He is not fond of the blacks. Nicky Glacer, like she is jewish. Jewish are funny. She likes it up her ass. You know how brilliant is a mater…ask her. If you wanted to be humiliated just take another album. His manager: cocaine. Cocaine jokes. Americans go hard at it. It’s part of who they are. And some mexican cocaine stories are entering our family members. And coke culture spoke.

He wanted to fuck his own face.

Christopher Walken. Sorry I coundn’t attend your funeral. I was always a fan. Specially 12 monkeys. I wanted to thank you for creating my favoirite restaurant, Planet Hollywood, which is also my favorite planet. Hollywood jokes. Oh, man… I’ve a bunch.

Let me in.

Next roaster, Cyvil Shepard.

She dated Elvis at 19. Cybyl is bigger that just big. She’s a star. Like any women like to see on those fictional stories this great women represent. They open our eyes. Cybyl takes on Golman. The latino who got through the net of Hollywood and erased it with virus that was design in bot of a selfrewarding mechanism that speaks for society in an open vote structural neuro . If your were to represent the nazi part of you in American History X, you’d a job in the White House. The thing democrat fight against the only president who’s not started a war from the war believing part of society: the loving New Américan gun loving fool, you know from our other end of a dual playing field. Two sides, like our continent allows us to balance between the south and the north of our completenes of continent realighned with this one plan that comes from the deep end our our green land. We as all, all things, all creators of the Earth, in a sense of zootropolis and us, you know, forget believing the bullshit they feed you with animals. What are you: a proud capitalist.

You can suck my dick.

And my dick gets sucked.

That’s as good as it gets. Don’t think who’s performing the work that needs to be displayed in order to give pleasure. That spiritual sense of two bodies that enter that space. You know. That way to bed. That hint in your smile. That part of your body against to mine. I am not going to lie you are filling my dick. And we love to fuck. So we are led into you. And we are apalled by love of the mind, through your eyes. Love, let’s find our tongues to meet: hi…

Edward to Bruce. After tonight is back at you. I am fortunate to be here. Suck ups like Levin. I am here to do how a New Jersey bar man became a Hollywood story like Bruce Willis. Middle age. How I crack the mistery of how being like Bruce or Edward, good rewiews from the New Yorkers, but the Oscars don’t bye you Idaho. Can I be the guy who shits on you. Trying to keep a marriage together when 22 is still on the menu. We are done making the movie. Can I act that weird and get away with it. Mexican extras jokes. Liberal hollywood directors came after my next contract, John McLain. Quentin never calls me. I am going to rewrite this piece of shit tonight. Edward to Quentin. Rented the Carnigeie mansion at the side like a boss. Shut the fuck up, that’s a fucking movie star. Fuck streaming. My movies go out exclusively in DVD. I can sell you anything from my Kiosk Rovira.

What good is actor. Strech me roles. The same performance every fucking time. I wanted a better The best Marvel movie against Christopher Nolan’s worst movie event. This face off. He doesn’t have lines, he just boms shit. And you become bald head millionary, like a nice shaved penis like your head, you have a perfect dichead, men and women are both atracted to it, just like I playing you a dickhead in American History X and they gave me an Oscar to make less than your worst movies in first weekend. Bruce sent Edward a letter. You are doing a kind of work I am interested in, so any time you want to do something, put me in the middle. If you ever need me I am in. I love you. Or maybe I am just a really good actor. You wouldn’t know the difference, and that’s the reason I love you.

Ed with tears of joy in his eyes hugs manlynly Bruce.

A moment inside a gay bar in Sunset bullevard still has that Edward Norton acting like a dickhead with swastika tattooed on my chest. And dick is being swalloed. You republican gay oldman.


I never thought of that fictional name. Until I wrote that last title line.

I sometimes have just the name of the movie.

No script necesary.

If the story must take you down to a final revolution: let her just take form.

Let’s do that: tonight.

And I present myself like a candidate.

This is a surreal story.

Best thing to come out of the Tico Commons strategic alliance with feedbackloopper movement that takes over space and time and delivers a new show. We go live, ladies and gentleman. I am a true soal from our mountains and valleys and rivers and animals along in a healthy way as come back into nature and return into urban soul of a capital of the new understanding. We just need 9 urban souls beating at this glow around a rat race that inspires the movement. As a piece of art.

As a plan.

As a presentation to the Tico Commons to be heard by the feedbacklooper 9 society drill on our social network alliance. As a

The name of a professional prostitue, and the body of an amateur prostitute. A low living

Martha Stewart called him a great budfuck. What an honor.

Fuck I hope I can follow . That’s my younger, she likes cock. She is just like her mother. This man nailed everybody. Starting of Edward Norton: what an arrogant prick he said. That’s my kind of humour. Kill them with wildest edge of their imagination. Like this man with the double papada. He’s got the sense fo the best humour. He nailed Bruce by making fun on how he is so proud of how much cock her youger daugher enjoys. The oldest trick on the macho jokebook. It’s a format movie. A new genre.

If I come to filmmaking, I mean cinematography, I will come in with a story I already write for myself. And for my banda. The way out of pain.

Only comedians laugh.

Not really. It’s fuction.

Fucking Balzac.

Fucking Camus.

Rodman. American History X, … The Planet Hollywood. Dennis get sentimental. He was low. And Bruce was there. And stood by. Like a true Hollywood friend.

Demi Moore on Bruce. I was married up until the first three die hard movies. Our three daughters are fine. Bruce went to Harvey Weinsteins hotel and came back I got the part. The carpet maches grapes. Everywere you look it looks like a dick. Planet Hollywood, campaiging for Dukakis, not acepting Ocean’s Eleven’s movie. Our marriage was like a sixth sense, you were always death. You are one of my top three husbands. Was that alright? The true girl, after the hug. Huging someone you’ve loved. Demi know her feminist way up. The self affirmative girl, like their daughters.

Bruce Willis have been finding terrorist since before they were arabs.

The last time at the aspirations. Cybyl Shepard looks like Bruce Jenner. Little Bro lookes like Bruce from Diferent strokes somhow modified. Bruce wants an Oscar so bad he’s turning into one. You know what I rather fuck the grumpy guy from Two and half men. And she did. And got more than half of the money. Mom won. That’s how the three daughters live the relashionship with their father. That life. What they all shared. The house that’s always there. As long you girls keep growing New Américan. The greates new américan story. Like American History X but without jumping into the nazi trap. The unresolved hate in your heart. Morenazi. The new mexican story telling that gets into the the right desks at nine studies of Hollywood. In every script it was de demolition movie with Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, the dick had fatso who closes every roast. The three girls jump at dad. Bitches my movies the script is always the same: one an half hour beating and then come back to wip your butt. One actor who played me better than me. Jeff always the same roast. You don’t get ahead by doing the same role. I loved Ed in Fight Club, getting beat up 90 minutes into the movie. It’s a movie about how black movies are just about bad behaves at their jobs: the black service. Why would I want to be president if I could just be Bruce Fucking Willis, and then I take out the harmonica and play whatever. I just go out at it for 99 glorious seconds. Blue mangrove.

A Lesbia going to the prom. The next… This guy is funny. He always closes. Jeff something. I am not fast enough to just get the jokes and type them at the same time. Respecting getting the joke right away. As if comedy wasn’t that already. Fast thinking bits with puchlines one after the other.

Roasting David Hasselholf. Seth Mithfartland. Or something like that. I have to go. The creator of family guy. Here to salute the greatest joke. Someone who’s puked all over himself. Waiting room for a The most and least downloaded woman on the Internet. David famous singing. So many diferent talants. I’m David Haselholf. Acting like a terman star. How about a little turbo bus. I’m going to stop hamburguer eating. The hoff. You roast people who are big. Bigger that Brando. David enters singing, his song I guess. I put down a feeling and I won’t believe it, that you are in love with me. That’s not his… is it? Oh, David. You’ve always fooled us. Some people call you just a terrible human being. And then nothing. No sense of reality. You unconcious all the time. You’ll always be Mitch Bucannon to me. It was really good job: to kill boners. Well David is not just a bad actor, he is also a terrible singer. Or Anderson Hooper is waiting to get married. That fucking language at the hamburguer’s videos. The thing we remember from you is Pamela Anderson’s tits. They are right there.

Lisa Lepinelly. Seth McFarland. David. The young and the restless. Balls hitting your exwife’s chin. Hulk Hogan roast. You start roasting the others just to kill everyone in the room. The New Américan will for ALLS.

We needed to believe something else. And kickstart a new social system. A way in which we live a contraction like our own. What already have. That’s the trap. Our best shot is what we got. But not ruled by assholes. Because we point them out, and we bring them into Plaça de Rei, and present them to the king, with this new job in kindom of his mind.

Hulk, I’m calling you a fag.

Where do I hide the hooker? Why don’t you hide them in your movies, they’ll never be seen again.

Hulk Hogan is a fag. Jeffrey Ross. Fat jew back in the phrase fat fucking jew. Jeffrey Ross used to have hair. Now i get his bald face. Guys want to hear some dick jokes. A man of a thousand voices all of the Stewie.

Finally a jew gets to roast a german. The german joke with Ann Frank. The breathalizer says, one by one people.

What are the chances of an alchoholic getting No means no, Michael. Special EMMI for holding your stomach. At the end you had the bigger tits. And you run slow. There she is looking as beautiful as never. Jerry Springer paying a hooker with a personal check. The both made envarasing videos with meat stuck in their mind. Hey i’ve been hoffer a job. They say talent skips a generation: you are probably awesome. Hile Hasselholff. Who then salutes romanly. To answer the nazi joke. A german way of holding back. To be a sport. What germans are.

We need to respect Bayern Munich and talk to Ter Stegen. And say: go for it: you deserve it. His talent is being unrecognized like Keylor’s in Real Madrid.

The crowd calling Jerry. Who’s the slizziest?

Too soon, Hulk. Somebody came in your mouth joke.

Suck it off.

I am not going to finish this. Wait, here comes Pamela. The sexiest woman in the world of long ago. Pamela: this is find. Every roast need a dumb blonde with big tits. How can we do a roast without Jeffrey Ross. I can’t swim. Don’t worry I can’t act. No Pamela, read your lines with more emotions like this. He gave mouth. There are no roles for someone like me in gay porn. Yes they are, he said. Hasselhoff cd cracking in the flames. Overshadow you on a tv show again. Pamela to David. I love you, after a hollywood kiss.

Rupert Gotfree. I don’t knwo half of this people. It’s hard for Seth to do a roast because the Simpson’s hasn’t done it yet. Like all the numbers coming from . The geenie calling Asshalholff. Geenie joke running on the beach. Pamela and David. She get’s slammed twice. About the size of her vagina. It’s definately macho. But it’s a roast. Never been in anything good, except Pamela Anderson. Did you and Pamela… Keith get me out of here. I’m not very good looking but I’m rich as shit. David and I have been in Broadway. David sang more like an actual lawyer.

Is he looking at me. Laughting at a gay muscular guy. You know… muscular guys.

Still. A double jerkoff.

Witney cummings. Fisty guy, with a lot of spunk on her neck. The only diference is that mexicans work. Hulk all the jokes I made to Pamela apply to your daughter.

New Américans have gotten a taste for insolence.

We can dig that.

Roast New Américans.

And globally turn into a new system complete.


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