Stay in the business

Still opportunities. Writting. Create moments. I am doing this amazing thing for a living. What?

I am still waiting.

A lot of improvising.

I am a dog, I’ve been hit by a truck, and you are helping me to die. Kate Winslet and Harvey Keitel.

Craky. Lars Von Trier. Walking naked on the set. Kind of a genious. Snaps in lunch.

Same thing that anybody’s uncle from Bristol likes to do, yet he doesn’t get the recognition that a swedish filmaker gets.

If you can read and interprete somebody elses role, and with that, tell a human story, you are in for a life. That’s the filter of showbusiness. Or culture. Those who step in, recognize the backlash on their sense of reality. Suddenly the built links with people out there. Readers. Viewers. It’s a tale of two poles.

On the one side ____________, as on the the other _____________.

Duality check.

Such is life at the poles!

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