The ultimate version of me

How much can we become? That didn’t come out right. Sometimes I don’t express myself the way I am supposed to in terms of clarity. I wonder. I get off. And just keep going. Like the fucking Energizing bunny. I am an advertizing metaphor. Those people have the power to enter your mind and make you do things you don’t want to do. They are playing with your mind. Your weaknessess. Your confidences. And you’ve given facebook and amazon permission to know who you are, what you buy, and google knows what you are up to. Right now. I mean, the fucking chinese handling your phone manufacturing do too. Do you think that the spyware on those mobiles that come from China are then checked by a solid team of entrepeneurs in Silicon Valley? What would do you belong to?

LIfe’s gotten too complex. It’s virtually impossible to disguise in the middle of all this mockery. I’ll just name some of our great world leaders of the time, so that history could nail this for eternity. Hold your hails for the end. We don’t want you nazis getting too fucking tired trying to be roman again. Sit on it for a second, or two… or forever.

Are we bullying the bully?

That’s the sort of question that’s on the table right now. And somehowe the people are getting anxious. Too much good old licor and easy tales flying around to tease us. We need someone who thinks like us. Other wise we are doomed. For eternity. Like purgatory souls wondering what either alternative looks like. Heaven; hell… common. Get your dick out of your asshole.

Life has become a big taboo. Or a fake new scandal featuring you. You are finally at the cover of a multiversal «newspaper». Right. Whatever. I told you: fake.

News. What’s your status? How do you feel? Where is all this taking us? How are keeping surreal?

This is it. For real. I am back in the game. I’ve been forced. I stepped off for a while. Didn’t play ball. I’ve been observing. And now I come back with a surreal proposal. The last thing that this country needed to come out of the lock down mode we’ve all turn into. People, democracy can save us. Just don’t follow the rules. Listen. Argue. Become knowledgable about the other. Their real newspeak. And think you are that for a second. Drop prejudice. For good. You don’t need fear. Of what? Armagedon? Seriously? Life’s gonna end. For all. Lets not let this fuckers macho who translate the alfa animal instinct of our species as our holy grail to get back into the flowing with the vedas game. Let’s start reading the right german philophers right. Let’s start with Nietzsche.

Imagine that in the new public school system. As a project. Early on. Like introducing kids to spirituality. All of it. Life and death. The new rules. The old ones. The new milenium resolution. Something to do with humankind. All of us. At once. Today. Like watching a series. Something anybody can do. From their own room. Or commuting. In your earpods. You stinking posh.

So neoliberal dickhead: here’s my message of comming to age. Fuck your lifelong struggle with communist and your obsesion with Rusia. Or at least, give us a fucking break. We know about Chile. And them Chicago boys. And the advertizing for the masses. Markets work tight. They are selfregulating like a random poem that somebody else recites. We are somehow bonding. Continiously. At awe. Yet we struggle within. And cope.

Learn to cope.

Lessons to live.

Lessons to die.

Lessons to stop your public fights. Forgive your enemies, as they give sense to your opposite view. Without them you are not complete. Let’s give room to all our past deamons instead of wanting the Spanish Inquisitions to kickstart her way back into the scene. The chariot is ready. The manuals have been kept in secret rooms of romanic towers in ancient monasteries. Just bring back the catars. It’s all making sense now. We are mextizo bitches. And we’ve assumed your rapist past. Now it’s your turn.

Golman’s speach in Angish Anonimous left the white folks itching for revolt. The revolt of the 1%. Are we going to forbid their right?

Or isn’t this shitty status quo what they are slipping under our door?

Fuck it. We are read citizens. We even hold an argument or two. And we sure love to pick a fight for just about any stupid excuse. Let’s drop something really dear to us. Like letting Brexit go. As an act of kindness. Something good for the commons. A new commons perhaps. A new everything. A new anything. Like a nation. Or the newest banana republic: Ticataluña. How will the other banana republics recieve in the public arena their last sister banana?


Life’s already been transformed into a movie. Last resource left is to assume documentalism as the ultimate collective flow to a sudden rise of joy: ALLS.

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