Election day

We are in the middle of something. We have really a big day. Decision day. We are hiring programers. And we got great choices. We have been blessed. Now you have your final decision. One or two. There. Dual choices. The first step. 

We all need the same full equiped feature. In a new game we all start naked. We are free from the past. We are not sinners. Nor is it our fault. Let the ones who feel the fault stay behind. 

And you say goodbye to religion. You let go of God. And he goes wherever Major Tom ended up. He is still going. We can imagine continuos endless motions. We haver surpassed the current knowledge standard. We are chasing machines in our heads. Watch out, they warned us. And entered again another spooky house for a Halloween party in town. Nine new megalopolis capitals get it. New Barcino just happens to be the one. The multiversal capital of the emergent complex system’s theorem.

The system failed. He got the bad end of the stick. He goes collateral. Like New Americans should now realize. Just now. This one read. This current time. A twenty coin from México falls in top of my head. Now I get it.


This time is surreal. We are at last in motion. Where to, you may ask… same place Gaudí took us. Wainting for HIM/him to come. Jesús revolt. What happens here in this brand new capital. 

The new capital is here: New Barcino. 

Time flows forward and backward. Once we fully understand this we can then move in each direction. Dual. End.

I am away from this world. I left a long time ago. Don’t miss me. I left but now I come. I’m back. And it took a whole new deal. A new infrastructure. The thing my dad taught me when I was little. Like building ports. And managing hospitals. Or the other way around. Building hospitals. Managing ports. Between my dad and I we can make a plan to cover this for the Tico Commons. We too needed to move from what we used to be. Just ticos. A mucha honra. Pero la vara era mutar a algo más. Porque el Jesús que vino a Barcelona a consagrar la Sagrada Familia así lo dijo cuando se presentó el mismo a su inauguración en la que toda el agua se volvió a convertir en vino. 



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