Eurovision vs RaDAR

He visto EaEa de Blanca Paloma

Joy showed us how our brain works. Balls come in when something significant happens in the carriers life.

You have your own joy.

You have your own sadness.

You have your own anger.

You have your own disgust.

You have your own scared.

Inside out does that you.



It’s already multiversal.

And we all got to live it like whatever.

Like the way we understood dinosaurs through Jurassic Parc.

My Biology teaches was a decent basketball player. His name was Mr. Steinberg. He was an alright dude. When you are decent student you get to receive some proper treatment from some hard on teachers. We are all scared of those legendary teachers that somehow you find about them some two years earlier than when you actually took their class. But nobody knew anything about Mr. Steinberg because he had just arrived that year to Karachi.

Like every other teacher in an American School journey they come in pairs. Couples make good investments to hire in a school. So they tend to pair up if they want to be something more than just pure old Americans. They become the good kind of Americans: the ones that travel and experience other cultures.

So my story is actually a bias American story. Not even. It’s a mexican-American story. But that doesn’t need to be the case. We don’t have to get all apologetical about calling things what they are. In fact I am very thankful to the NEW américän education I received. I came out alright. It doesn’t get to your head. You may even step out of the game. Take the némesis choice. And live right at the antipodes of where we stand nowadays in Status Quo.

Status Quo is a node.

A current node.

It’s winning.

It’s the winners game.

And that’s fine.

I’ve played that.

And I have won.

I’ve tasted the high return on the promise of the promised land.

I’ve come from a long generation of 2024 individuals.

This is going to be the year that we need to pin in our history of resilience.

I’ve got it now.

It’s a magic number.

It’s always been.

For a while it was ünö.

Then nou.

Then 99.

Then 999.

But nobody expected that in between there would be another number. A NEW kind of magic.

It’s 2024.

And we are just about to get there.

But for the first time we can arrive to a sacred place all at once.

And we can take enough time to do it right.

Not like the 2000 issue with the milenium computer programming situation.

You’ve then sold us nine different types of plagues:

  1. Armageddon.
  2. Black.
  3. Poor.
  4. Lazy.
  5. Mexican.
  6. Rapist: grab nobody by the pussy.
  7. Commies.
  8. Pacisfist leftist.
  9. Golman

You see, I’m happy to be at your antipodes.

I don’t mind.

I can run a campaign to become more relevant that any of your dumb fears.

I can argue with your highest and purest white pastors: 9 man; 9 wo.

9 man : 9 wo.

NEW american pastors documentary.

I will interview a casting from 9 pastors, male, that represent the highest moral states and having won the best pastor fo the county try outs, then state finals, west, flyoverstates final, east. To finally end up with a fairly representative high-moral individuals, gender equalized, to have a 99 minutes conversation with.

I’ll do the 9 man : 9 wo series for at least 9 old American categories.

And I’ll put them against nine NEW principles that I want to place at the antipodes of this healed resilient way to play into a feedback loop.

We are so much more than Marvel.

But you guys feel special.

You feel complete.

You don’t need anyone else.

With your oddity you can still make it.

You can become, over night, a wide-world success. And we used to call that the American dream.

Fuck you.

I’m just using to high school education.

And my elementery one.

To build on top of what I then received in the Tico Commons, where it all started.

Hear me out.

Take a leap.


Google y yo tenemos una relación. Ellos no lo saben. O igual sí. Nunca sabremos qué tanto saben de nosotros en las empresas tecnológicas que manejan nuestros datos. O si estarían dispuestos/obligados a romper el contrato en el que se protegen mis datos en función de lo que la regulación internacional ha sabido entender razonable, para todo ser humano.

Para todo ser humano.

En el mundo actual esto no pasa.

We are the world.


I was a child.

We are the children fit just fine.

We were the Gretta Thumbergs of the time.

I had the ideal to think outside the box for the greates collective good requires all the people I loved to be taken care of. To allow life to live a happy life. Like the life my mother and father had had. And their parents before them. And like that. Nine generation back.


Father mother

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Mother Father

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Aparently Google can’t take a joke.

I tried to use a sheet to make this simple calculation and he might have picked up that I am going to present my futbolartpiece «When Golman meets Google». GOOGOL.

There’s a NEW brand.

The NEW game has no contestant.

This is the most sublime game we need to play.

And we are already playing it.


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